June - July 2010:
BellaVista Film creates and produces its first international art-house film "Under Deep Water" in kooperation with a well known Artist from Berlin. The Movie was a big installation in the Ernst-Osthaus Museum. Arte Germany and France have been reporting. The Movie Premiere was in one of the biggest museum in Istanbul, the Pera Museum. The Movie is going to be in the Akademie of Arts.

June 2010:
BellaVista Film opens new art exhibition: The department for art exhibitions from BellaVista Film is named "Frankfurter Kunstblock - FKB": On the 10.6.2010 there has been an exhibition called PopArt Reloaded with the artist Tom Schrage. There were more than 150 Guests from kulture, economy and industrie. The exhibition is going to be the first place in the journal of Frankurt in the list of recommendations. FAZ and the New Press wrote reports. You can visit the Exhibition until 26.8.2010 at BellaVista Film.

June - July 2010:
BellaVista Film creates and produces a filmtrailer about the federal ministry for economy and technology. The movie is about to get finished.

May-September 2010:
BellaVista Film creates and produces 2 big event videos for one of the worlds biggest investement companies.
These movies are going to be shown in London and Wien.

March 2010:
BellaVista Film creates and produces 9 innovative event movies for one of the world market leaders in
gastronomy-accessories. Innovative stage designs und projection technics had to be developed.

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